Onyx Invoice System V4
System Requirements
Quick Start
Feature Set
Navigation around Onyx
What's New in V4
First Run
Installing/Updating Onyx
Creating Online Account
Installing as a Slave (additional user machine)
Slave Connection over the Internet
Server Admin Control Panel
Onyx Editions, Additional Users, and how to modify your licence
Setting the Starting Invoice Number
Diary Settings
Using Multiple Job Cards
Tabbed Windows
User Permissions
Help Features
Creating Client Accounts
Don’t want to use accounts?
Postcode Address Lookup
Account Management
Standard Account Manager
Advanced Account Manager
Creating Vehicle Accounts
Vehicle Warranty Information
Changing Screen Labels
Adding New Vehicle Manufacturers, Models, Colours and Fuel Types
VRM System
Deleting, Replacing and Archiving Vehicles
Creating Invoices / Estimates
Convert Estimates to Invoices
Parts Only Invoice
Rapid Sale Invoice
Creating Credit Notes or Refunds
VAT Only Invoice
POS Features
Invoice Listing/Payment
Payment Allocations
Invoice Bands
Quick Invoice Item Entry
Related Estimates
Insurance Invoice Wizard
Part Actions
Template Rules
Recurring Invoices
Editing Saved Invoices/Estimates
Reasons Against
How to
Invoice Templates
Using Templates to Sell Kits
Invoice Analysis
Further Reading
Purchase Invoices
Creating Purchase Credit Notes or Refunds
Purchase Orders
Recording Advice Notes
Stock Monitoring
Stock Alarm List
Stock Enquiry
Data Import
Important Notes
Bulk Update Parts Prices
Update Parts Prices by Percentage
Custom Filters
Customer Contact
Email Manager
SMS Manager
Service and MOT Reminders
Mail Merge
Mail Shots
Selecting which Report to Run
Printing Daily Payment Reports
Vehicle and Account Histories
Editing Overdue Account Letters
Integrated Report Designer
User Fields
Flex Fields
Database Backup
Database Maintenance
Database Restore
Operating System Backup
Transporting the Database from Work to Home
Integrated Diary
Diary Concepts
Creating a Job
Editing a Job
Jobs List View
Job Cards & Check Sheets
Car Sales
Getting Started
Default Settings
Entering a used car
Entering a New Vehicle (pre order)
Selling a car
Adding a PX
Finalizing the record
Customising Templates
Adding a Standard Comment to All Invoices
Font Sizes & Formatting
Data Import/Export
Import from Garage Master
Importing Sales Invoices
Data Export
Sage Accounts Export
Before Running the Export
Transaction Export
Direct Export
Web Interface
Onyx Web
Mobile Interface
Getting Started
Using over mobile network/internet
Event Manager
BSI Kite Mark Standard
Integrated Word Processor
VAT Rounding Specifications
Emptying the Database after Practicing
Checking for Updates
Emailing Printouts
Deleting Parts, Customers, Vehicles etc
Reporting Bugs (Please)
Database Basics
Orphan records
Upgrading from V3
Adding a new VAT/Tax Type
Web Slots
Administer Webslot availability

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