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When you first log into Onyx Mobile you will see:




The navigation pane is on the left side and can be collapsed by pressing the highlighted button (or by tapping to the right).  The job diary is the main screen in Onyx Mobile.




From the diary you can edit booked in jobs, add new jobs, and also convert jobs to invoices.  The diary settings are drawn from Onyx on the master PC, resources (Mot Ramp, Ramp 1, Ramp 2 etc) are scrolled into view by dragging, or on larger devices you can display multiple resources at once by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.


You can adjust the time of a job by taping on it and then using the drag handles.  To open the job press the edit button (Pencil icon), to add a new job press the add button (+ icon) and to convert the selected job to an invoice, press the Convert button (blue icon).


You can also deleted the selected job.


The first screen of the job card looks like:



You navigate through the job by pressing the < and > buttons at the top of the screen.


The rest of the job card operates the same as an invoice which you can read about here.