Invoice Analysis

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Onyx also allows you to interrogate your data in real time which means you can see all the sales against a particular nominal code, or mechanic, or check on stock movement.


Please note, this feature can be extended, please contact and explain what you need and if it is technically possible we will do all we can to incorporate your request.



You start the invoice analysis as shown:





Which opens the analysis screen where the first step is to select the date range that we are interested in




We will see what sales we have made between January and July:




And now we will see when and how much Paint and Materials we have sold by using the drop down under the Part No. field




Pressing "Ok" interrogates the data and shows us that we sold some paint and materials on invoice number 40616:




But we want to see when we sold this so we drag the field named "Invoice Date" down next to "Account Name" and we now see:




So we can see that we sold one on 28 January 2010 against invoice number 40616 to account NINETEEN and that we charged £150 + Vat


The new screen is extremely powerful and by far the best way to learn how to use it is to play with it, the data is read only so you cannot do any damage.