Convert Estimates to Invoices

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Onyx allows you to quote for prospective jobs, and in doing so you will enter the client and vehicle details, and the parts that will be used.  If you are fortunate enough to be asked to do the work it would be inconvenient to have to re-enter all this information into an invoice.  This is where the ‘Convert’ button on the ‘Estimates List’ screen comes in:



Estimate List Screen


By pressing convert, a new invoice is created and all of the details are pre-filled.  You can amend the details as you need and then print it out (note, you can also close the screen and nothing will be saved).  Once you have created the invoice, Onyx will ask if you want to mark the estimate as completed, if you answer ‘Yes’ it will not be displayed anymore.


Converting Invoices to refunds works in a similar manner.