Direct Export

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Before continuing please ensure you've read completed the Sage Setup and read this.


When you select the Direct Export you'll see this screen




Onyx cannot connect to Sage if Sage is open, hence it waits at this screen to give you chance to open Sage and create a backup.  Once you've done this, close Sage and then press 'Next'.  You'll now see the 'Pre Check' screen.  It's recommended that you run the pre-checks, following which you should see the 'No problems found' message.  If you do see any warnings or errors, you should attempt to correct them before continuing as they will be easier to correct per-export than after.  You can print the list if needed and you can contact Onyx support if you are unsure.




Now press 'Next' and you'll see




Here you can select the Sage username and password (if set) and also the version of Sage Instant Accounts.  You should also enter the company name (it is assumed it will be the same as your Onyx business name).  Once happy press 'Test Connection' to confirm that Onyx can connect to Sage.


If you get the following (or similar) message, then you probably don't have Sage Instant Accounts installed or the SDO interface isn't enabled (please contact Sage to obtain an unlock key)




Now press 'Next' and then 'Export to begin the export.




Onyx will now export the selected data to Sage, once finished please press 'Finish' and then, if all went well, press 'Apply' on the final screen so that Onyx can update the records to show they've been exported.


NOTE.  If anything goes wrong, please make a note of any messages and contact Onyx support, if something went wrong to the point that Onxy shuts down, then you may find that Sage will not open.  This is easily fixed if you press the 'Test Connection' button.