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Roadmap for 2021 (no promises, just what we are currently working on/testing/considering):


Quickbooks online integration

- Stalled a little as Quickbooks can't (or won't) allow us to accept a payment from a supplier to pay off a supplier credit note, still looking at ways around this.

- Also, we can't set the VAT amount in Quickbooks for a VAT only invoice (vehicle sales margin etc)

Improvements to inventory and stock system
Potentially add support for FIFO stock keeping
Staff time management  - Very nearly done


List of changes to Onyx V4:


Onyx V4.4.2.1 - OnyxWeb V4.4.2.0 - Event Manager V1.2.0.15 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.0.41, Android: 1.0.41) DB Version 172 - 3 July 2021


Fixed - 'Cannot focus invisible window' error when viewing a vehicle record


Onyx V4.4.2.0 - OnyxWeb V4.4.2.0 - Event Manager V1.2.0.15 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.0.41, Android: 1.0.41) DB Version 172 - 3 July 2021


Added - Vehicle Flex Fields are now displayed when creating an invoice

Fixed - Internal VAT field was not updated correctly when using the new mobile app. This may affect a VAT return.  If you have submitted a VAT using V4.4.0.0 - and you have also created some sales invoices with the mobile app, your return may be wrong.  In the vast majority of cases, this can be corrected by creating a VAT correction in your next return.  You can see the effect by recalculating the VAT return figures for the submitted date range.  If you have not submitted a return using those versions, or if you have but do not use the mobile app, then your return would have been correct.


Onyx V4.4.1.0 - OnyxWeb V4.4.1.0 - Event Manager V1.2.0.15 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.0.41, Android: 1.0.41) DB Version 171 - 26 June 2021


Fixed - Slave PC couldn't create a database backup

Fixed - Spell Check defaulted to not checking uppercase words

Tentative Fix - Access Violation when converting a job card to an invoice

Change - MAY now work in Windows Vista again, no promises, we don't have Vista to test on and it's not officially supported.

Fixed - Data Viewer (used for SQL scripts) was not converting dates correctly.

Fixed - Data Viewer not skinning correctly


Onyx V4.4.0.0 - OnyxWeb V4.4.0.0 - Event Manager V1.2.0.15 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.0.41, Android: 1.0.41) DB Version 171 - 10 June 2021


Added - New iOS and Android Apps. Totally re-written using a different technology so should be much more robust now.

Added - New MTD Anti Fraud Headers

Added - Grid lines added to invoice items

Added - Flex field reminders can now be sent via SMS and Email

Added - More options when you right click a job in the diary

Added - You can now save SMS and Email message templates

Added - Option to require holding down 'Shift' to double click (select) an invoice item

Added - Customer contact now works similar to MS Mail Merge (you can return to the old version in options under Word Processor Style)

Added - Option to not print 'Order No.' on invoices (Options - Printout settings - Print Order No on Invoices)

Added - You can now enter user details such as job title and email on a per user basis (these can be used in letters and reminders)

Added - In 'Quick Item Entry' mode, matching parts are shown in a drop down list (must type 2 characters to search, searching works on Part number and Description)

Added - Ability to import TimePro data into Onyx

Added - You can now set a mechanic per invoice line

Added - Customer and Vehicle 'Alert' messages.  If set, when you select the customer/vehicle, the alert message will be shown on screen (i.e. 'Ask for a new email address')

Added - Row counts are included on a lot more screens

Added - When creating an invoice the columns can now be customised

Added - Vehicle MOT and Service due dates added to the Job List

Added - WebSlots API - Allows you to link a website booking form to Onyx to use live data and have jobs show in your diary.

Added - Time Manager - To allow staff to record their entry and exit times, and to log on and off jobcards - Not quite ready, hopefully next update.

Added - Staff Control Panel - To allow for "at a glance" overview of current staff status (at work, on leave, on job, on other work etc) - Not quite ready, hopefully next update

Added - New options to control how searching works in the Find Part screen.

Added - Editable row colour for Invoice List screen (right click the grid)

Added - More robust Web login system, now locks an account for a period of time after too many failed logins

Added - Delay added before a data lookup starts when entering a vehicle, customer, or part number.  Can be adjusted in Options to a smaller or larger delay.

Changed - Internal data type used to store VAT percentage rates

Changed - The Customer and Vehicle drop downs have been improved so that they work much faster if you have large numbers of customers and vehicles.

Changed - The customer and vehicle drop downs now allow you to search by Registration and Model, and Account Name, Company Name, Surname and Address 1

Changed - Customer contact screen now displays data much faster (it was very slow if vehicle details were displayed and you had a lot of vehicles)

Changed - Credit charge can once again be enabled (off by default)

Fixed - SMS button didn't work on invoice/estimate/job card screen

Fixed - Standard account manager didn't show when selected from the menu

Fixed - Creating a new invoice from an existing one would fail

Fixed - New from existing invoices couldn't be saved to drafts

Fixed - The selected invoice line is now sized to be larger than the other lines, and unselected lines reduce to 1 line height

Fixed - Some screen painting issues when using skins

Fixed - No longer need to click out of the Diary Settings screen to ensure that edits are saved

Fixed - Google and Hotmail/Outlook OAuth refresh token not being updated causing email authentication to fail after a few weeks.



Beta - Not generally available Onyx V4.3.0.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.32 - Event Manager V1.2.0.15 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.38, Android: 38) DB Version 162 - 30 June 20


Added - If you're using 'Permissions' the currently logged in user is now displayed in the status bar

Changed - The day (Mon, Tue etc) is now displayed on the diary when in week view

Changed - Updated to the latest internal libraries and development tools

Changed - Improved support for multi monitor setups

Changed - 'Delete Completed Job Cards' (DB Maintenance) is now 'Delete Job Cards' but you can now select a date, also tuned the function so it runs much faster with large amounts of data

Changed - Covid-19 screen now has a date range that is automatically set to 30/03/2020 - 31/07/2020 so you can now run once and update all affected vehicles

Changed - When adding a vehicle via the VRM system, you now have 3 choices when adding new makes and models, Auto (default), select from existing or manually add new, and finally manually add new

Fixed - In some cases the Job Card would print the incorrect mileage

Fixed - Onyx would consume more CPU time than needed when at idle


Onyx V4.2.1.15 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.29 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.38, Android: 38) DB Version 162 - 20 June 20


Added - Function to add 6 months to the mot test of vehicles affected by the Covid-19 MOT extension.  Short video here

Added - You can now save and print etc from the right click menu when creating invoices/estimates

Added - You can now add an item to an invoice directly from the 'Find Part' screen via the right click menu

Fixed - User was not selected automatically when creating a new job card


Onyx V4.2.1.12 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.29 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.38, Android: 38) DB Version 162 - 18 June 20


Fixed - Right click when creating invoices/estimates/job cards now shows the 'Add Part' and 'Add Labour' items

Fixed - Onyx now uses the 'Graph API' for sending emails via Hotmail


Onyx V4.2.1.11 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.29 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.38, Android: 38) DB Version 162 - 18 June 20


Added - New user Permission to prevent logged in user using another users name to save documents

Fixed - F1 & F2 no longer worked to add parts and labour

Fixed - Tab no longer worked when filtering parts in the 'Find Part' screen

Fixed - 'Add item' screen would show in the wrong place on multi monitor setups


Onyx V4.2.1.10 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.29 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.38, Android: 38) DB Version 162 - 15 June 20


Added - New side menu.  This can be hidden via options if you don't want to use it. There are several other options relating to the side menu

Added - New drop down lists when searching for vehicle and customers.  These can be disabled in options if you don't want to use them or if you are using a slow or metered connection

Added - New drop down lists showing your most commonly used parts and labour.  Can be disabled in options

Added - New option to not select a mechanic when creating documents

Changed - Invoice Templates can now be used for menu servicing (i.e. Parts and Labour can be shown under one item on the printed invoice)

Changed - You can now drag parts in the invoice screen to change the order, or to drag an item into or out of a kit

Changed - If you give an invoice template a Part Number, you can add the template to the invoice directly using the part number

Changed - Invoice templates are now listed in the 'Find Part' screen

Changed - On Windows 8 and up, the reminder to backup your data shown at startup is now handled by the Windows notification system

Changed - The customer details in the invoice/estimate/job cars screen would (on large screens) adjust to use 2 or 3 columns, this now defaults to 1 column (i.e. all vertical).  You can change this in options

Changed - Part movement now displaying much quicker even when searching over many years

Fixed - 'Cannot convert null to string' error when creating statements

Fixed - Error from spell checker

Fixed - Firstnames field didn't auto format

Fixed - Google Maps were not displayed if you press the 'Map' button when creating an invoice/job/estimate

Fixed - Job field text in the job card screen is selected when creating a job

Fixed - New jobs use the currently selected time slot

Fixed - Jobs converted from estimates now display a hatched outline

Fixed - Deleting an additional job appointment could incorrectly hide the original job



Onyx V4.2.1.8 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.29 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.38, Android: 38) DB Version 162 - 20 March 20


Added - 'Unit Cost' to stock check spreadsheet

Added - You can now select which columns to show in the stock manager screen

Added - Ability to only export linked customers in the Sage export

Changed - Improved the inbuilt spreadsheet tool

Fixed - SMS credentials were not automatically loaded



Onyx V4.2.1.7 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.29 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.38, Android: 38) DB Version 162 - 15 March 20


Added - Vehicle service history export

Changed - Improved support for running multiple instances of Onyx on one PC


Onyx V4.2.1.5 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.37, Android: 33) DB Version 161 - 1 March 20


Fixed - Paging bar incorrectly displayed on some PCs when using large font scaling.

Fixed - Couldn't delete the additional customer from invoices and job cards


Onyx V4.2.1.4 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.37, Android: 33) DB Version 161 - 1 March 20


Fixed - Onyx would still freeze at startup in some circumstances.

Fixed - Email address not shown if using 'Find Invoice' to print the invoice

Fixed - Couldn't select a purchase invoice from the car sales module


Onyx V4.2.1.3 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.37, Android: 33) DB Version 161 - 1 March 20


Fixed - Onyx would freeze at startup in some circumstances. You only need to update if affected.


Onyx V4.2.1.2 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.37, Android: 33) DB Version 161 - 1 March 20


Fixed - Couldn't minimise Onyx

Fixed - Incorrect Error Message when making a bulk payment of £363.43 (and possibly some other figures)


Onyx V4.2.1.1 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.37, Android: 33) DB Version 161 - 1 March 20


Fixed - 'Cannot make invisible window active' error when viewing some invoices/jobs and converting some jobs to invoices

Fixed - 'Cannot obtain reference to Diary' error when opening job

Fixed - Mot expiry date colours were applied incorrectly


Onyx V4.2.1.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.37, Android: 33) DB Version 161 - 1 March 20


Changed - Improvements to layout for main screen

Changed - Added additional checks to ensure the correctness of MTD anti-fraud headers

Added - You can now customise the main screen tiles and Quick Access Toolbars (type 'Customise' into command bar)

Added - Right click menu to items list (so you can right click to add parts etc)

Added - MOT due date is now colour coded when creating jobs (and invoices) to remind you that the MOT is due or overdue

Added - The suppliers reference is now printed on Purchase Invoices

Added - New option to prevent Onyx showing VAT on the V4Option1 invoice layout (hold down shift while printing to override this option and print a VAT invoice)


Onyx V4.2.0.1 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.37, Android: 33) DB Version 161 - 26 January 20


Changed - New layout for main screen and updated all internal libraries


Onyx V4.1.10.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.31, Android: 31) DB Version 161 - 22 October 19


Added - Option to check if there is an outstanding draft for a customer or vehicle when creating a new invoice (note, this check will not find customers in drafts saved before this update, it will find vehicles)

Added - Onyx now saves the discount amount per invoice line so it can be displayed on the invoice

Added - You can now set the markup on items from the 'Cost Price' field, simply press 'F2' and then enter the percentage.  Onyx now also shows you the margin and markup for each part in the 'Add Part' screen

Added - You can now create a new customer account using the details in an existing account, good for creating a new account for the child of one of your existing customers etc.

Added - You can now set the date to use when finalising a vehicle sale

Added - Option to not show the news feed on the main screen

Added - Ability to permanently close the SMS panel on the main screen

Added - Ability to print from iOS


Changed - The layout and text for the columns in the default V4 invoice and estimate printouts


Fixed - You couldn't save an invoice if you'd entered a 'Part Template' under a header

Fixed - A couple of memory leaks

Fixed - Vehicle Sales Margin was not included in the VAT return if the vehicle was not marked to be included as a purchase invoice

Fixed - Vat Ledger didn't show the finalised dates of vehicle sales

Fixed - Vehicle Sales stock book didn't show part exchanged vehicle correctly

Fixed - Vehicles Sales record incorrectly started on the Financials tab

Fixed - 'Update Saved Part' button didn't work



Onyx V4.1.9.3 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.29, Android: 28) DB Version 160 - 18 August 19


Changed: Added option to not show the 'Close' button at the top of lists as this was taking additional space in the vertical direction.  This is now the default but can be added back via the options screen

Fixed: Couldn't print a purchase invoice.



Onyx V4.1.9.2 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.29, Android: 28) DB Version 160 - 15 August 19


Changed: Emails sent via Outlook (Oauth2) are now saved to your sent items in Outlook

Fixed: MTD return would fail if the HMRC owed you money

Fixed: Error when trying to save a new or edit an existing email account



Onyx V4.1.9.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.28 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.29, Android: 28) DB Version 160 - 6 July 19


Added - You can now add additional appointments to job cards

Added - You can now use 'Hours' as well as miles and KM

Added - On the MTD screen you can now directly see all the saved VAT returns that have been submitted to HMRC

Added - Option to set where invoice tabs are shown (left by default)

Changed - Added additional error handling to MTD

Changed - Invoice toolbar now defaults to being shown in the ribbon

Fixed - Added the 'Set Target Total' & 'Exclude Sage' buttons which had been accidentally removed


Onyx V4.1.8.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.27 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.27, Android: 27) DB Version 159 - 24 June 19


Added - Import invoices from spreadsheet

Added - Set the payment due terms for a supplier (this is then automatically applied to the 'Due Date' in purchase invoices)

Added - For trade customers you can now set a % to add to the cost price of parts and labour (good for factor sales)

Added - New Report to show VAT by vat code

Changed - Main Screen design changed

Changed - 'Add year to MOT' button now updates the MOT date according to any existing entry, i.e. will add 12 months to an existing date if the result is no more than 13 months, otherwise adds 1 year from today)

Changed - The 'Guide' screen now has a button to dismiss it rather than pressing 'Escape'

Fixed - Some reports used the vehicle sold date whereas the MTD screen uses the Finalised Date, all now use the Finalised Date

Fixed - If you tried to edit a sales invoice for an EU customer, the EU vat codes were not shown

Fixed - You could not enter 13.5% for a vat code (it had to be entered as 13.500)

Fixed - MTD 'View Obligations' would fail if you added formatting to your VAT registration code (i.e. 123-234-321 would fail)


Onyx V4.1.6.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.26 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.26, Android: 26) DB Version 158 - 27 May 19


Added - Native support for GMail and Hotmail (Live & Outlook too) email accounts

Fixed - 'Country_ID' not set when saving a new customer in Onyx Mobile

Changed - Expanding tab headers (Invoice Screens) now only expand after 3 seconds

Added - Option to set tab location on main screen


Onyx V4.1.5.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.25 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (iOS 1.1.25, Android: 25) DB Version 157 - 12 May 19


Changed - Reworked the code that saves custom invoice numbers

Changed - Tabs now default to the bottom of the screen

Changed - Invoice screen tabs now show on the far left

Changed - Attachments are now temporarily saved to the documents folder when viewing to make saving easier

Fixed - Mobile Apps now released again

Changed - Car Sales module now uses some defaults when saving rather than forcing user to manually select.


Onyx V4.1.4.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.23 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (TBC) (Android: TBC) DB Version 156 - 14 Apr 19


Added - You can now make a bulk payment against purchase invoices

Added - You can now print a 'Remittance Advice' (for bulk payments)

Changed - Xero purchase export didn't include 'Description' and multi-line PIs were not imported


Onyx V4.1.3.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.22 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (TBC) (Android: TBC) DB Version 155 - 7 Apr 19


Fixed - Couldn't convert drafts if they were saved pre V4.1.0.0

Fixed - Changing the SMS settings in the SMS manager didn't update the SMS panel on the main screen until Onyx was restarted

Fixed - 'Xero Purchase Invoice Export' exported the retail price rather than the cost price


Onyx V4.1.2.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.22 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (TBC) (Android: TBC) DB Version 154 - 30 Mar 19


Fixed - Error when updating from Onyx Version 2.


Onyx V4.1.1.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.22 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (TBC) (Android: TBC) DB Version 154 - 28 Mar 19

Changed - Added additional data to MTD anti-fraud headers

Fixed - Some screens were incorrectly sized on high-dpi monitors



Onyx V4.1.0.0 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.22 - Event Manager V1.2.0.14 - Onyx Mobile (TBC) (Android: TBC) DB Version 154 - 27 Mar 19

Added - Support for filing VAT returns directly to HMRC via the new MTD scheme

Added - Onyx now calculates your VAT obligations

Added - You can now load rows into an invoice from other documents, including purchase invoices

Added - You can now set the height of the All-Day area of the Diary (in day view mode)

Added - Lots of other tweaks and improvements


Changed - Updated to the latest version of all internal libraries

Changed - Sage Export now includes vehicle sales data

Changed - Onyx now records in which country your customers and suppliers are based (to support VAT returns)


Still working on - Updating documentation and Mobile Apps



Onyx V4.0.2.37 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.21 - Event Manager V1.2.0.9 - Onyx Mobile (iOS:1.1.20) (Android: 20) DB Version 150 - 2 Nov 18

Note, this was actually released on 13 Jan 2019 but will be available to anyone who had a valid support licence on 2 Nov 2018

Fixed - Some changes to garage details weren't detected

Fixed - Image attachments wouldn't open on WIndows 10

Fixed - Couldn't send some symbols (£ etc) via SMS

Fixed - SMS Displayed some symbols incorrectly

Fixed - Email Account Settings screen clipped incorrectly

Fixed - Transaction remaining open in vehicle class

Fixed - Transaction warning didn't account for nested open transactions

Added - Stock Taking function added to Onyx Mobile

Added - Stock Taking function added to 'Goods Inward' in Onyx Desktop

Changed - 'Failed to resolve server' warning now logged instead of being displayed in a message box

Changed - Changed some upnp code to support more devices

Fixed - Couldn't delete invoice font customisations

Fixed - Couldn't archive old invoices

Added - Additional column 'Imported Invoice Number' to support imported invoices with numbering not supported by Onyx

Fixed - Setup installed the wrong version of the Vehicle Sales Stock Book report


Onyx V4.0.2.34 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.17 - Event Manager V1.2.0.9 - Onyx Mobile (iOS:1.1.19) (Android: 19) DB Version 148 - 2 Nov 18

Added - You can now add attachments to job cards, vehicles, and customer records.  For example, you can add photos of accident damage.  Attachments can also be accessed when sending emails from within Onyx.

Changed - Vehicle sales stock book now displays the purchase invoice number of any linked PIs

Changed - Setting the start date of the a job updates the end date if it is set to an earlier date

Fixed - Pressing and holding F11 would result in error message

Fixed - Couldn't send SMS from main screen SMS panel

Tentative Fix - Slave PCs would randomly play the 'New SMS' tune

Fixed - Couldn't replace a customer account

Fixed - Couldn't convert Job to invoice on iOS


Onyx V4.0.2.33 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.16 - Event Manager V1.2.0.9 - Onyx Mobile (iOS:1.1.18) (Android: 18) DB Version 147 - 11 Oct 18

Fixed - Adding an existing part to the stock manager would lose any 'Unit' data

Fixed - Zero mileage warning was displayed regardless of setting

Fixed - Couldn't save an empty GDPR form from the invoice/jobcard screens

Fixed - On mobile devices you couldn't add a part with 0% discount


Onyx V4.0.2.32 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.16 - Event Manager V1.2.0.9 - Onyx Mobile (iOS:1.1.17) (Android: 17) DB Version 147 - 02 Oct 18

Added - You can now set whether a vehicle's mileage type is Miles or Kilometres
Fixed - Error if trying to view list of estimates when another user was previewing an unsaved estimate
Added - New option to turn off the 'Mileage not set' warning
Fixed - Mileage might have been reset to 0 when Opening a saved job
Changed - Added a confirmation message to the 'Archive Vehicle' function to prevent accidental use
Changed - Event Manager now updates the internal 'Backup Date' field to prevent message warning that backup hasn't been carried out for a while
Added - You can now print the GDPR image obtained from OnyxMobile
Added - New DB Maintainance option to allow synchronising the internal invoice counter
Changed - The GDPR form that is used in OnyxMobile can now be set to automatically update the customer's record with their preferences
Added - New 'Accepts SMS' tickbox so the customer can provide their mobile number but still not accept sms messages
Added - 'Install existing data' feature to make moving to a new PC easier
Fixed - '' is not a valid integer when opening some job cards
Added - Customer Self Service mode to Onyx Mobile (for users who have a secured device in their reception for customers to use)
Added - Barcode field for customer accounts
Added - Barcode reader to Onyx Mobile
Added - Support for automatic port forwarding (to make Onyx Mobile available away from the garage) if you have a compatible router (should work with all upnp routers)
Fixed - Parts Editor would allow lowercase part numbers
Fixed - SMS Manager would fail with 'Data validation failed' error if the Country Code was not set
Added - Onyx can now use 'Dynamic-IP' type services when connecting over an internet connection
Added - New option to not print customer name and address on job cards (to protect their data)
Added - 2 way SMS messaging


Onyx V4.0.2.31 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.14 - Event Manager V1.2.0.9 - Onyx Mobile (iOS:1.1.16) (Android: 16) DB Version 146 - 12 May 18

Changed - Added 'RemoteFTPFolder' to Event Manager Database Backup to allow you to save the backup to a specific folder on the FTP server
Fixed - Onyx Event Manager would use the wrong password to secure a database backup, meaning that backups could not be used, this fix means that old backups that would have failed to load, will now load.


Onyx V4.0.2.30 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.14 - Event Manager V1.2.0.7 - Onyx Mobile (iOS:1.1.16) (Android: 16) DB Version 146 - 5 May 18

Changed - Entered part number now becomes a search term in 'Add Parts' screen
Changed - New option to search using 'Contains' mode (this was the default but is now an option)
Fixed - PNG watermark files could not be selected
Fixed - Some hints on the 'Register Software' screen were incorrect
Added - Post Code lookup to Onyx Mobile
Fixed - Access violation on Onyx Mobile when viewing payments
Fixed - Onyx Mobile didn't save the vehicle mileage to an invoice correctly
Fixed - Changing the item description of a saved part wasn't detected unless you changed more than 1 character
Fixed - Part Actions ran after printing an invoice meaning relevant changes didn't show on the invoice (this wouldn't have affected any of the standard templates)
Fixed - If a document (i.e. invoice) fails to save, the error message was lost and replaced with a generic 'EWriteError' message that was not very helpful
Fixed - Memory leak in Onyx Web (and the Event Manager)
Changed - Open vehicle and customer lists are now notified after running a part action if a vehicle/customer is updated
Changed - Rewrote VRM code to make it available to Onyx Mobile
Fixed - Email manager failed to send PNG images
Added - New Option to NOT use the saved vehicle mileage when creating jobcards/invoices/estimates etc, instead '0' will be entered
Added - New warning if the mileage is set to '0' when creating invoices/estimates etc
Changed - When saving invoices/estimates/jobcards the vehicle's mileage is only updated if the entry made in the invoice/estimate is higher
Fixed - Potential AV when loading parts from an Invoice Template
Changed - Running PartActions now notifies any open lists that a change has happened
Fixed - Couldn't load Invoice Templates in Onyx WEb
Changed - Onyx Mobile now available for iOS and Android (and it's been largely rewritten too)
Changed - OnyxWebService now recovers from most data connection issues
Changed - Lots of performance improvements and reductions in data usage in Onyx Mobile
Fixed - Emails contained spurious ')'s
Fixed - Sending an email could fail with 'TOSEmailLog.HTMLText not set'
Added - Copy to Clipboard button to supplier record
Fixed - VRM progress screen was not displayed in the centre of the screen



Onyx V4.0.2.29 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.11 - Event Manager V1.2.0.5 - DB Version 145 - 27 March 18

Changed - On some displays (multi monitor/extended desktop) the Progress form and then messagebox could be displayed off screen
Fixed - 'Remove Filter' button on the 'View Invoices' screen didn't work
Fixed - Uninstaller didn't stop 'Onyx Event Manager'
Changed - Credit Charge area now defaults to closed as it is no longer legal to add credit charges in the UK
Added new options to print row and gross totals on jobcards



Onyx V4.0.2.28 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.11 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 145 - 19 March 18

Changed - Method of showing 'New 'Value' VRM lookup' message could result in AV on some PCs.
Fixed - Clicking link on 'New 'Value' lookup' message could make next screen be displayed behind and inaccessible



Onyx V4.0.2.27 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.11 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 145 - 16 March 18

Added - New 'Value' VRM lookup, this returns a smaller amount of data but is charged at 0.2 of a credit
Added - Additional MOT data is now returned in both the full and Value VRM data (where available)
Added - You can now set a discount when saving 'Invoice Templates'
Fixed - Trying to close Onyx when an invoice was open could result in a 'Background Tasks...' message
Fixed - Setting 100% discount did not correctly adjust the row net value
Fixed - Setting report font sizes with the 'Advanced Settings' screen didn't work
Changed - If you re-purchase VRM data for the same vehicle, it is now re-saved in case there were any changes (Mot details etc)
Changed - VRM Data now returns MOT data so mot certificate and expiry date is automatically updated following a lookup
Fixed - Some templates printed the customer telephone number regardless of the 'Print Telephone on Invoice' setting



Onyx V4.0.2.26 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.10 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 144 - 7 March 18

Fixed - Live backup could incorrectly report a failure even when it actually succeeds
Fixed - Closing a Jobcard/Vehicle/Customer/Supplier screen immediately after opening could cause an Access Violation
Added - Third Party Contact Options (used by some garages if they need to send customer details to manufacturers etc)
Added - Option to archive a vehicle directly from vehicle maintenance screen
Added - Option to remove personal data from selected none-GDPR confirmed customer accounts
Changed - Updated to latest diary library
Changed - Scroll bars now look like they used to
Fixed - Lite version incorrectly reported MaximumUserCount = 0 instead of 1
Fixed - OnyxWeb now available (again) over https on Chrome
Added - GZip compression to OnyxWeb Server
Added - GZip support to Onyx Mobile
Added - New report to show all receipts for a nominal code (bank account) for a given period
Fixed - 'Income Expenditure grouped by Nominal Code' report didn't correctly total purchases
Fixed - A GDPR change introduced a bug that prevented an account from being deleted



Onyx V4.0.2.24 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.9 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 143 - 24 Feb 18

Changed - Onyx only asks how to handle non-gdpr sms reminders if it finds any
Fixed - Installer sometimes couldn't replace OnyxWeb service
Fixed - Onyx Web would lose its connection to the database after a laptop lid close and wouldn't recover



Onyx V4.0.2.23 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.7 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 143 - 22 Feb 18

Fixed - Job Cards would get very slow to print if you have lots of data (if you have a custom job card, this will not fix it)
Changed - You can now create bulk GDPR forms in the Customer Contact screen
Added - GDPR Default setting screen is now shown to explain what GDPR is and how Onyx will handle it
Fixed - Customer contact screen didn't show GDPR warning
Fixed - Android connection details incorrectly pre-pended 'https://' to connection details



Onyx V4.0.2.22 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.7 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 143 - 19 Feb 18

Fixed - In 'GDPR Warn mode', Onyx failed to ask whether to include non-GDPR consented customers when creating reminders
Added - SMS Job reminders now ask whether to include none-GDPR consented customers when looking for reminders
Fixed - Onyx didn't support 'Begins With' and 'Ends With' when viewing Parts in paged mode.
Fixed - Replace Account and Replace Vehicle screens missed off a little bit of the title



Onyx V4.0.2.21 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.7 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 143 - 14 Feb 18

Fixed - 'Please select customer' message when saving some documents as draft
Added - Provisional support for GDPR
Fixed - Jobs that were created before the current view range of the diary, but were long running would not be shown
Changed - Onyx now checks that a job isn't open before allowing you to change the status by right clicking
Fixed - Printing a job in a read-only view (i.e. someone opened the job first) could prevent other user from editing
Fixed - Access Violation in Spell Checking library
Added - Android app now available to anyone that wants beta access



Onyx V4.0.2.20 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.5 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 142 - Not released

Fixed - 'Please select client' incorrectly show when loading an invoice template
Changed - When loading a related estimate into a job card, uses the estimate client if one isn't already selected
Fixed - OnyxWeb could get into a tight loop using a lot of CPU time
Changed - Part Actions now also update the copy of the vehicle that is saved with the invoice
Changed - Mot Due Date now considers existing expiry date (Part Actions)
Fixed - Invalid TypeCast when clicking 'Exclude Sage' on invoice list screen
Changed - All stored procedures now support unicode
Added - Support routines to OnyxWeb for Onyx Mobile
Fixed - Invalid Cast when searching by invoice number in paged mode



Onyx V4.0.2.18 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 141 - Not released

Fixed - Remote assistance menu item didn't work
Changed - Database now tries up to 10 times to open a file before erroring (to allow greater tollerance to AV scanning)
Fixed - A changed job status would sometimes display the old status (it saved okay)
Fixed - Diary would sometimes not refresh correctly
Added - Support for DKIM email and unsubscribe email address
Changed - Updated to latest 3rd party libraries
Changed - Message centre fonts now work better with skins
Fixed - Message box didn't respond to skin changes
Fixed - DBAlias name would revert to default if connection failed



Onyx V4.0.2.17 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 140 - 3 Jan 2018

Fixed - Printing to a specific paper tray should now print all pages to that tray rather than just the first
Changed - Added more error checking code to hopefully track down the 'Message centre busy' message that some users are seeing
Fixed - Custom part actions would show an error about TVehicle being undefined.
Added - Ability to print list of nominal codes
Added - Ability to purchase extended trial from within Onyx
Added - Link to Feature Comparison on purchase screen



Onyx V4.0.2.16 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.4 - DB Version 140 - 3 Dec 2017

Fixed - AV after showing record lock on some PCs
Added - Ansi encoding option for Event Manager exports
Fixed - AV when Onyx closed if Onyx was unable to connect to database
Changed - Timeouts when waiting for message server
Added - Customer telephone numbers to Detailed Sales Ledger
Fixed - Changing order of user fields failed with 'Invalid Cast' error
Changed - Printing from 'List Screens' now always results in print preview (Direct to printer option only used when creating/editing invoices)


Onyx V4.0.2.15 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.2 - DB Version 140 - 20 Nov 2017

Fixed - Editing an existing vehicle would change it's unique ID resulting in it not displaying.


Onyx V4.0.2.14 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.2 - DB Version 140 - 19 Nov 2017

Fixed - Mailing labels didn't load the correct Avery template.
Changed - Rewrote RecordLocks
Fixed - After Database restore Onyx didn't recheck online licence details
Fixed - On very first install, on some PCs, a message was displayed asking to close all open windows before creating an online account
Fixed - Typo on backup database screen
Fixed - Couldn't run database maintenance wizard
Added - New option to adjust the selected item price to achieve a user set document total
Changed - Moved stock alarm check to a separate thread
Added - New option to not remember last reminder date range
Fixed - MOT reminder letter didn't insert expiry date
Fixed - Onyx ignored the 'Direct to printer' option


Onyx V4.0.2.12 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.2 - DB Version 140 - 6 Nov 2017

Changed - Onyx now notifies you if your stored 'Online Account' password is wrong
Changed - Added code to stop AV on some PCs when a form is closed before the record lock thread has completed
Fixed - Onyx was not correctly recording last printer used or paper tray
Fixed - Onyx could fail when trying to import V2 database
Fixed - Event Manager would not save a backed up folder, it would only FTP it


Onyx V4.0.2.11 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.1 - DB Version 140 - 28 Oct 2017

Fixed - 403 error when trying to download Onyx Update or the help file
Fixed - New column in 'Invoice Items' tab displayed incorrectly on some PCs
Fixed - Barcode wasn't saved
Fixed - Failed to locate part using barcodes


Onyx V4.0.2.10 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.1 - DB Version 140 - 24 Oct 2017

Fixed - Adding slave PC would fail if a previous attempt to obtain licence details had failed


Onyx V4.0.2.9 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.1 - DB Version 140 - 22 Oct 2017

Fixed - Adding a labour item in the 'Rapid Invoice' screen didn't use the default labour rate
Changed - Sending email without a message body failed with an unhelpful error message.
Fixed - Rapid Invoice - MOT tax type drop down would allow you to enter an unknown tax type
Changed - Invoice Screens now show Row Net and Row Gross by default (can change via options)


Onyx V4.0.2.8 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.1 - DB Version 140 - 17 Oct 2017

Fixed - Invoice screen would incorrectly open on 'Document Details' tab


Onyx V4.0.2.7 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.2 - Event Manager V1.2.0.1 - DB Version 140 - 15 Oct 2017

Onyx Event Manager - Added code to indicate if a folder backup failed due to Windows Account Permissions
OnyxWeb - Added code to check for inactive users
Added - New method to reset internal passwords
Changed - Bug reports are now uploaded directly to us, and only tries to use email if that fails
Fixed - SMS Log maintenance thread failed due to typo
Workaround- Bug in 3rd party library caused some labels not to be shown on large font PCs.
Fixed - Sample Font Colour didn't update in the 'Template Title Colour Editor' if skin applied
Added - New buttons to close screen and reset defaults in 'Template Title Colour Editor'
Added - Ability to change online account email address


Onyx V4.0.2.6 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.1 - DB Version 140 - 13 Oct 2017

Added - Couple of additional 'Tip of the Day' items
Fixed - Job Card Number not displayed if using large screen fonts on high DPI monitor
Fixed - Vehicle Flex Fields incorrectly aligned
Fixed - Badly named 'Flex Field' would crash Onyx


Onyx V4.0.2.5 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.1 - DB Version 140 - 12 Oct 2017

Fixed - Couldn't enter a new stocked part
Fixed - On some PCs, user would see 'Object not found' error when trying to create a new invoice or set 'Rapid Sale' defaults
Added - Message explaining that 'Rapid Sale' defaults need to be set if certain defaults are not set or are invalid


Onyx V4.0.2.4 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.0 - DB Version 140 - 12 Oct 2017

Changed - Onyx now also asks if you want to run the downloaded setup file on multiuser setups
Fixed - Credit Card charges were shown in 'Labour Analysis By Mechanic' report
Added - You can now manually change the Item Type (i.e. part or labour)
Fixed - Error when viewing Recurring Items
Fixed - Recurring event item didn't record that it had run
Added - Added 'Tax Type' to 'Analyse Invoices' screen
Changed - Reordered startup events to prevent 'Background events are running...' message that occurred on some PCs when attempting to import V3 data
Fixed - Some screens displayed too big on system with 'Large Fonts' set



Onyx V4.0.2.3 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.0 - DB Version 140 - 11 Oct 2017

Fixed - Couldn't select a Watermark image
Added - New option to force Onyx to include tax in item row totals
Fixed - Failed to convert some drafts with error 'Part_Category not set'
Fixed - Adding additional Database Alias could fail



Onyx V4.0.2.2 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.0 - DB Version 140 - 10 Oct 2017

Fixed - 'User Count Exceeded' message when connecting slave PCs
Fixed - Password policy typo
Added - Additional info asking users to only create one online account and then use this for all future installs
Fixed - It was Impossible to revert to client master if user had set to slave mode
Changed - Report of error when saving garage details 'GD_NAME required status fails'


Onyx V4.0.2.1 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.0 - DB Version 140 - 09 Oct 2017


Fixed - Bug reporting library accidentally omitted from Onyx
Added - Added job tax and totals to the title bar of the job card screen
Fixed - Access Violation in 'support code' checking code


Onyx V4.0.2.0 - Initial release of V4 - OnyxWeb V4.0.0.0 - DB Version 140 - 09 Oct 2017