Tabbed Windows

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A great feature of Onyx is Tabbed Windows which make it much easier to navigate around Onyx whilst carrying out a number of different tasks.






Here we have multiple screens open but embedded within tabs as shown, to move from one task to another simply select the relevant tab.




Here we have moved to the 'Current Drafts' screen simply by selecting the tab, note also that there is an * shown on the Invoices tab.  One of the features of Tabbed Windows is that you can open several of the same type of list screens and then decide to edit one of the records, the * indicates that an edit has been made and that the list needs to be refreshed using the 'Refresh' button (on the SBE edition list refreshing happens automatically, on all others you can set it to happen automatically in the options screen).


To close a tabbed window simply click the small cross in the top right corner of the tab.


Tabbed Windows is best used on screens larger than 800 X 600 as smaller resolutions limit what can be shown without scrolling.