Template Rules

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If you want to assign a list of items that will be automatically added to new invoices/estimates/jobs (for example, you may find that your staff forget to add a general sundries item) then you can use the Template Rules feature.


Using this feature you can set Onyx to automatically load one (or several) invoice templates


To access the feature navigate to:




Once selected you will see the following:




Press the 'New Rule' button and you will see:




Above we have selected the 'Sundries' invoice template, we want the rule to be applied on all PCs (you can select an individual PC by setting the Workstation ID to the TilI ID that can be set for each PC in the options screen), all that is left is to select when the rule will be applied.


Once saved you will see your list:




When you create a new invoice/estimate/job that has a rule linked to it you will see the following screen:




Using the above screen you can select which (there may be a list if several rules are set) templates to load, or you can dismiss them by pressing Cancel or closing the screen.