POS Features

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If you also run a parts department, or perhaps an accessory shop, then Onyx has a couple of additional features to assist you in creating invoices; if you know a part number, then you can enter it directly without opening a new screen by simply typing it in the box labelled ‘Part Number’




If you have a barcode reader (and you’ve told Onyx what the barcodes for your product line are) then you can use a barcode reader by clicking the ‘Barcode’ tick box - press 'Q' to edit the quantity before scanning the barcode




You can tell Onyx what barcodes to use either in the ‘Stock Manager’




Or by using the inventory maintenance screen




Onyx will also open any (supported) cash drawers that you have connected to the PC (please note, Onyx does not currently support USB operated cash drawers).


A future version of Onyx will also include the ability to set up special offers, for example, buy one get one free, or buy two and get the second half price.