Job Cards & Check Sheets

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Although Onyx is designed so that you can keep jobs within an electronic format, not many garages have PCs littered around the workshop.  For this reason Onyx will allow you to print off a job card from the scheduler screen.  This job card has details of the vehicle, the owner (including telephone contacts) and any special instructions left by the customer.  There is space for the mechanic to enter all parts and labour and also to enter any comments he might have.


Onyx also allows you to design and print your own check sheets.  These are invaluable these days where customers like to maintain records for their service histories.  Below is a sample check sheet that is included with Onyx:



A Sample Check Sheet


To access the check sheets select the "Check Sheet" button on the Reports tab:




This displays a list of all saved sheets




Designing check sheets couldn’t be easier as the next screen shows:




Here you can see that items are either headers or Check Items.  To add rows to the bottom simply press Append, to insert a row above the current row simply press Insert.  You can alter the order and the text and as ever it is all covered by integrated spell checking.


Check sheets can also be created from the ‘Reports/Letters’ task page (see Navigation around Onyx).