Mail Merge

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If you have Microsoft Office installed on your PC you can now can now take advantage of Word's mail merge feature from most list screens.


Simply select the data that you wish to merge:




Now press 'Mail Merge' and you will be shown a new screen where you can select to:


Create a new mail merge template - this is the base document for all mail merges

Edit an existing mail merge template

Merge the data into an existing mail merge document





For example, below is an image of Word, we have pressed 'New' (hence Document1 in the title) and we are dropping in a few merge fields.  When we close it we will give it a name, for example Registrations.docx





Now we can select 'Registration.docx' to merge our data to




Note how there are 5 pages (we selected 5 rows) and each merge field has now been given our data, note also that the document is new but created from out template, so you can make changes without affecting the base template.


Using Word's mail merge feature you can create letters, labels catalogs (lists) and many other types of documents.


This feature has been tested against Word 2000 & Word 2007 but should work with other versions.