Database Maintenance

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Periodically you will need to perform some database maintenance, this should be done every six months.  Database Maintenance is accessed from


You will then see


Check for errors: This rebuilds each table in the database, correcting any errors in the process, if you receive an error at the end of the process please make a note and report to support

Pack and Reindex: This removes slack space from the database tables and rebuilds table indexes, improving database performance and efficiency

Delete Completed Job Cards: This deletes any job cards that are marked as completed (usually this means they've been converted to an invoice), you can opt to only delete completed job cards that are more than 1 year old

Delete Converted Estimates: This deletes any estimate that has been converted to an invoice

Delete Old Estimates: This deletes any estimate that is older than the date that you select, regardless of whether they have been converted or not

Delete lost previews/deal links etc: If onyx doesn't close properly it can leave behind some data, this option cleans up this data.


System Maintenance


If you find that you have miss spelt say a vehicle model, you may change the spelling using the Maintenance screens within Onyx.


WARNING.  Because Onyx uses a relational database model (see Database Basics), editing data within the maintenance screens should only be done where strictly necessary, and a database backup ought to be taken first (see Database Backups).  Miss editing of data will result in data corruption that we may not be able to recover.  So please, please, please, take a backup first.


Select the ‘Maintenance’ task page (see Navigation within Onyx)  and then the appropriate link from the list, in our case it would be ‘Vehicle Models', after dismissing the warning we will see the following screen:



Maintenance screen for Vehicle Models


Here you can select the entry that is erroneous and (by double clicking it or pressing F2) enter new text.  Once happy, you can press the ‘Update’ button (green tick at the bottom of the screen) to save changes.


It cannot be said enough that you need to take a backup first!