Diary Settings

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Pressing the ‘Settings’ button next to ‘Enable Diary’ will show the following screen:




From this screen we can enter the default opening and closing time of the garage (this is not enforced but displays a lighter band on the scheduler) and we can also manage our resources.


Resources are the things that we can enter jobs against, as shown above we have an MOT ramp, but we could add more, such as a service bay, an engine diagnostic machine and a valet area.  We can change the order of resources, add, rename and even delete them.


To rename a resource simply double click the entry in the list and the cursor will be shown (F2 also enters edit mode), to change the order simply select the item of interest and use the buttons with the arrows to move up or down.  To delete a resource, simply select it in the list and then press the button with the cross on it.  Please note you will not be able to delete a resource with current jobs against it.


To add a new resource simply press the button with the light blue ‘Plus’ sign on it.


From this screen we can also alter the default colour codes for job status, for example, when an appointment is booked it will be coloured Red, but you can easily change this by selecting from the drop down list of pre-defined colours or by pressing the button on the far right and selecting the custom colour from the colour selection dialog.