Invoice Templates

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Onyx includes the ability to store template invoices.  These are essentially a grouping of parts and labour under a heading that you can select from when creating an invoice.


Within the invoice screen, you will see there is an icon of a folder:




Pressing the icon will show the ‘Select from Template’ screen:




Select the relevant template (here we only have one) and press ‘Ok’ and all of the parts and labour assigned to that template will be added to the current invoice/estimate.


You can also edit or add a new template using the appropriate buttons.  For example to create the ‘Service Kit (Escort 1300)’ template we press ‘New’ and enter the template name, we are then shown the ‘Edit – Add Invoice Template’ screen:




Pressing Add will add parts/labour to the end of the list; insert will insert the part/labour above the currently selected row.  Delete will delete the currently selected row from the template (note, it does not delete the part/labour from the inventory system).  The arrows allow you to move the selected item up or down in the list.


Pressing ‘Append’ (for example) brings up the ‘Add Part/Labour’ screen




Here we can select the part/labour from the inventory system by pressing the binocular icon, once we have selected the item by double clicking it we are returned to the template screen where we can also enter the quantity (i.e. 4 spark plugs). Although parts are shown, the system works exactly the same for labour.