Orphan records

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Orphan records are when (for example) a vehicle record is linked to a model but that model has been deleted from the Model table.  When the database tries to prepare the data for display it is unable to obtain the Model description and so (in some circumstances) will fail to return the data at all.  The data is still there, but it is orphaned.


Therefore, if you choose to use the maintenance screens, please keep in mind that a single change can affect many related records, and that deleting any data from the lookup tables (Colour, Make, Model etc) can result in orphaned records.  So please be careful.  For most users, if you find that you have made a mistake, please contact support and we will (subject to infrastructure) connect to your pc and repair the data, or alternatively you can email the zipped (and password protected) tables to us.  We regret that we can only offer this facility to registered users who still have a current support period.