Creating Vehicle Accounts

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As with Creating Client Accounts vehicle accounts would normally be created when you create new invoices, estimates or scheduling jobs, however you can also enter them directly by via the ‘Maintenance’ task page.  Once in the new screen you will see the following screen





The ‘Main’ tab of a vehicle account


Most of the fields are obvious so we will only consider:


Mot Due – If filled in will allow the system to produce MOT reminder letters

Service Due – If filled in will allow the system to produce service reminder letters

On both of the above press the end button (or F1) and the system will add 1 year to today’s date.


Make, Model, Colour and Fuel Type are all drop down lists.  You can use either the mouse or the cursor keys (or even press the first letter of the word you are looking for) and the system will display (or cycle through) the stored details.  The button at the end of these fields allows you to add new entries – see Adding New Vehicle Manufacturers, Models, Colours and Fuel Types.


The 'Warranty Details' tab allows you to record any warranty information about the vehicle.


The ‘Comments’ tab provides a means for you to record details against the record.


The ‘Links’ tab displays the links that Onyx automatically creates between vehicles and accounts.


If you find that you want to record additional details then please use the 'User Fields' feature.