Sage Accounts Export

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Onyx has two different Sage Exports, however, both result in entries being exported to sage under the Sage account's Account Activity tab, Onyx does NOT create invoices in Sage.


Please keep in mind that Onyx and Sage are different software, with different purposes, and both hold and process data differently, hence the export will never be 100% compatible.  That said, if you keep in mind the below rules, the exports should be successful, saving you a major amount of time over manually transferring the data.


Things to remember:


Data is only exported once, so if you edit or delete it, Onyx won't be able to update Sage with the changes.  So for example, if you export a paid invoice to Sage, then realise that you've overcharged and decide to edit the invoice in Onyx, Sage will have the earlier invoice total and payment, so you'll need to manually alter Sage.  Furthermore, when you create a new payment for the edited invoice, this payment will not have been exported so Onyx will want to export it and Sage will then have an overpayment.  For this reason, in this example, when you create the new payment in Onyx, you should set the 'Exclude Sage' tickbox so that it isn't subsequently exported.

Sage doesn't allow you to over pay an Invoice

Sage doesn't allow you to allocate a credit to an invoice across different account

You MUST map Onyx's Vat type to Sage's Vat type (see Setup)

If using the 'Transaction' export, you must ensure that you add any Nominal Codes that you created in Onyx, into Sage



The first export method is achieved by creating several Sage Transactional Record files (csv files), these files are created in a folder that you set and are numbered in the order that you should import them (i.e. 1__Customers,2__Suppliers,3__), if an export doesn't find any (for example) purchase invoices, then that file will not be created.


Once these files are created Onyx will ask if the export has been successful, DO NOT ANSWER this until you've successfully imported the data into Sage, the reason is that once you confirm everything was okay, Onyx will update all exported records so that they aren't exported again.


If you don't want to use the above method, then you can use the direct link to Sage method.  This only works for Sage Instant Accounts, and you will need to contact Sage first to enable SDO connections (they will give you a code that you enter into Sage, this then allows Onyx to connect to Sage).


This second, direct method, exports the same data but also includes Vehicle Sales data, it also has a few other minor advantages, but the main benefit is that there is very minimal user interaction required, it really is just a few mouse clicks.