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Here is the main Car Sales list screen, you will see that there are two different views, card and table, which allow you to see at a glance what vehicles you have in stock:



Stock Book Screen seen in Card View


From this screen you can enter a new vehicle or select an existing vehicle, you can also filter the view to show only the current vehicle (those that are not finalized LINK NEEDED), you can print a paper stock book entry and you can also create a screen advert for the vehicle.


Here is a screen shot of a vehicle record:




The lower right corner of the screen shows the vehicle's features. This list is used to build the screen advert and you can easily add/delete or edit the entries by pressing the small button immediately above:




You can add up to 3 images to a record:




And you can use the inbuilt image editor to crop, rotate, size and adjust the pictures:




You can link costs to the vehicle:




You can sell extras:




You can record payments and issue payment receipts:




And you can also create purchase receipts, vehicle order commitment forms and sales invoices.


The car sales module will allow you to sell new and used vehicles, using the margin scheme where appropriate all in a very user friendly way.