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The Onyx Main Screen:






Most actions within onyx are controlled from the Main Screen.  As can be seen above, there are numerous areas which are described below:


Command Bar


Start typing in the command bar and all matching functions will be displayed in a list which you can then select from, so if you want the account manager, simply type Account Manager and you'll see the Account Manager options.




Task Button


Press here to see a list of commonly used items, such as creating an invoice or backing up the data


Side Menu


The side menu provides a quick way to access a large subset of Onyx features.  Features are stored within categories, so sales invoices are within the Sales Category, purchases are in the purchases category and so on.  On larger screens you'll see all the categories, otherwise simply press the small button at the bottom to show all categories.  The side menu can be expanded by pressing the 'hamburger' button at the top.  The side menu can be hidden or set to be expanded all the time.


Customisable Tiles


These tiles can be clicked to access functions. You can customise the tiles so that they give quick access to the functions that you use the most.


Main Menu


All Onyx functions and facilities can be found in the main menu.


Tab Area


As you create invoices and other documents, tabs will be created, this allows you to swap between documents.  You can close the tabs by pressing the close button on the right of each tab, or the close button on the far right of the tab area (this button will close the currently focused tab).





Lots of screens have grids, these grids have a lot of added functionality, for example you can group by a column (drag a column into the group bar area, for example, if you are looking at the invoice list screen, you can drag the account column into the group by area and now all invoices belonging to that account are shown as a group.



Example of grouping, above the grid is grouped by Vehicle Make (ford) and then Fuel Type.  The grid now groups all Fords together, and then all fuel types together.  To ungroup, simply grag the columns back to the usual location




Many grids allow you to select which columns to display, simply click the small button as shown to see which columns are available, notice that the columns are now in the default location, so the grid is not in the group by mode.






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