Standard Account Manager

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This account manager works in 'Standard Mode' meaning that it doesn't create time corrected statements (time corrected statements are available in Advanced Mode which allows you to produce statements that reflect the state of the account at some point in history).


There are various options available that affect how the Account Manager works, these options are:


Use Start Date If selected Onyx will only display accounts that have new business within the ''Period Start'' and ''Period End'' date range.


Period Start and End Dates These dates define the statement period that will be shown on the statement.  If you have selected to print a ''brought forward section'' in the statement then you will need to set the period start date even if you have not selected ''Use Start Date''


Show Invoices This allows you to set which invoices onyx will display in the account manager, it does not affect the final statement.  Using this setting you can force Onyx to show a much wider range of invoices meaning you can make payments on invoices that are outside of the statement period and would not otherwise be shown


Statement Mode This allows you to select how Onyx will apply account credit terms. Onyx can either apply the credit terms to make an invoice become payable after X days, or for the statement to become payable after X days (in this mode the statement will state ''Payment due in X days'').  Note, this later mode doesn't lend itself to credit terms over 1 month.


Print Options These options affect the final statement and what additional documents are printed during the process


Simple Statement If selected Onyx will print a statement that shows all outstanding invoices up to and including the ''Period End'' date.  This statement will show ''Statement to end of XX/XX/XXXX''


Brought Forward Caption Allows you to set the ''Brought Forward'' caption.  If not set Onyx will print ''Brought Forward''


Brought Forward This drop down allows you to select whether Onyx will create a ''Brought Forward'' section on the printed statement.  This option will be disabled if you chose the ''Simple Statement'' option


Print Invoices Depending on your selection Onyx will also print invoices relating to the statement. Note, if you choose to manually select which invoices to print you will have to print each statement individually


Exclude Paid Invoices From Printout If selected Onyx will only show outstanding invoices on each statement. If not selected then Onyx will include all invoices within the period, but they will show as paid. Note, this option is disabled if using the ''Simple Statement'' option as the ''Simple Statement'' already excludes paid items


Print Covering Letter If selected Onyx will print a covering letter to accompany each statement';