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Before using the Sage™ export you need to check a few things to ensure that Onyx will export data in a format that is compatible with your Sage ™ installation.  For example, you may have set up additional VAT categories within Onyx, these will have to be mapped into Sage’s VAT categories for Sage to import the data successfully, thankfully this is an easy thing to do: go to the ‘Maintenance’ task page and select ‘Vat Types’ after which you will see the following screen:





Here you can see that we have mapped No VAT and MOT to T0, and Parts and Service have been mapped to T1.


Similarly, you may need to enable Sage compatibility on the ‘Options’ screen, once this option is set Onyx will ensure that all customer account names and part numbers follow the Sage format (account names cannot exceed 8 characters, cannot contain spaces etc and also the length of part numbers is limited).  You can enable this option by selecting ‘Maintenance->Options’ from the main menu:


You will then see the following screen where you can tick the ‘Sage Compatibility’ option:





Here we can set the default nominal codes to use for purchasing and sales.


Onyx also contains features to globally change all nominal codes, these are available from the Inventory Maintenance screen.