Onyx Editions, Additional Users, and how to modify your licence

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Onyx is available in 3 editions, Lite, Pro and ProPlus.


Lite is a cut down, single user, edition of Onyx that simply created sales invoices.


Pro is a fully featured edition of Onyx with all features except vehicle sales


ProPlus is the full product including vehicle sales.


Additional user licences allow additional users to access Onyx at the same time.  For example, without any additional user licences only 1 user can access Onyx, so if you're logged on to OnyxWeb then you won't be able to login to OnyxMobile or Onyx V4.  Onyx V3 used to differentiate between the different access modes, so you could purchase OnyxWeb user licences, and OnyxMoble user licences. In V4, a user licence is valid on all platforms.


When you first trial Onyx you receive a trial user licence for the ProPlus edition with 2 additional user licences.  You cannot modify this licence.


At the end of your trial (or sooner if you prefer), you can purchase a retail Onyx licence via Help -> Licence Manager.


From within the Licence manager you can purchase a new licence or modify your current to add more users or vehicle sales etc.