What's New in V4

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V4 of Onyx Garage is a complete re-write of V3 in a new development language.  It is designed to look and feel like V3 but under the hood every single line of code in Onyx has been converted to the new development language.  Whilst undertaking this work, Onyx was updated to use the latest releases of all it's third party libraries (the database server for example).  It has also been converted to Unicode so that it fully supports the latest Windows operating systems.


We've changed a few things during the re-write, for example, we've changed the way that Onyx connects in multi-user mode to be more resilient to network faults.  We've added loads of productivity updates and fixed a good number of bugs.  But more importantly, we're now in a much better position to release updates and add new features.


We've also added instant licence delivery and VRM Credits.  So you don't need to wait while we manually allocate more VRM credits/


So keep checking for updates, we've got a lot of things planned that we haven't had chance to add yet.