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When you first log into Onyx Mobile you will see this:




To create a new invoice press the 'New' option (highlighted) and you will see:




If there is a vehicle, then enter its registration number and press enter, if Onyx Mobile recognises the vehicle it will show the details, otherwise you will be asked if this is a new vehicle.  If it is then you will be able to enter the new vehicle details, if it isn't then you will be taken to the search screen.  If there is no vehicle (parts only invoice) then switch 'Has Vehicle' to off and you will progress to the customer screen.




Above we have selected a vehicle, pressing > at the top of the screen takes us to the customer page.  If you have selected a vehicle then you will be able to also select from any previously linked customers:




Here you can see that there are 2 customer linked to the selected vehicle.  Tap on one and the account will be displayed.  Alternatively you can search for an existing account or add a new one.


Press > at the top of the screen when you are ready to proceed to the 'Invoice Items' screen:




Here you can see that we have added an 'MOT TEST' to the invoice.  You can add parts and labour to the invoice using the blue icons, you can edit the selected item using the Edit button (Pen icon), delete the selected part using the Delete button (trash can icon).  If you know the part number, then enter it into the 'Enter part number to add' field and then press Enter.


You can add comments relating to the invoice by moving through the remaining pages.


Once you're done, press 'Save'.  You will then be asked if you want to make a payment, if you do you will see:




And once you've saved the payment you will see:




Once you're finished you can press 'Close'.  You will now be asked whether you want to view the completed invoice, if you do you will see:




From here you can download the invoice as a PDF to view, you can email it to the customer, you can view/add/delete payments (you can also search for other invoices or make a new one).