Invoice Bands

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V4 includes a feature called 'Invoice Bands' or 'Bands' for short.  Bands are designed in such a way that you can ignore them if you don't need them, however if you do then you should find that they allow you a great deal of flexibility in what it displayed on your invoices


Note, although Onyx V4 includes all of the invoice templates from V1 and V2 (this was for backwards compatibility), Bands are only used in V2,V3, and V4  invoice templates (they all start 'V2/V3/V4..').


Here is an example of an invoice printout that only uses the default bands with no user adjustments:




You will note that both items are under one single band labeled 'Labour' and that SKU, Qry, Description, Disc %, VAT % and Row Total are displayed.


If we add a new band to Onyx and call this 'MOT' and change some of the settings as shown below:




You will see that we now have two bands (Labour and MOT) and that we have been able to set what columns show for each band. Additionally, because we have set each band to show its own sub total, we also have two sub totals displayed at the bottom of the invoice.


Here are the settings that we used for the bands:




Note, Onyx V4 Option 2 is a landscape invoice, this means that any increase in footer size adversly reduces the space left to list invoice items, for this reason, Display Row Total is ignored.