Installing as a Slave (additional user machine)

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To install Onyx, simply visit and download the latest setup package.  Once downloaded start the setup package and select 'Slave Install' as the setup type, then follow the onscreen prompts:




Once setup has completed you should start Onyx whereupon you will be asked for the connections details so that it can access the Client Master PC.

You can get these details from the Client Master PC via Maintenance ->More ->View Additional PC Connection Details, this will show a screen similar to below:




As you can see, the details that you need to enter into the Client Slave PC are 'Chris-PC@' (you can also just enter 'Chris-PC' if you prefer).


For example, this is what you will see when you start a Slave PC for the first time:




Press Next, and you will see:





We have entered the name of the Client Master PC, now pressing 'Test Connection' will test and then, if successful, close the screen saving the connection details.


Onyx will then check online to retrieve your licence details.