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Here is a selection of commonly asked questions and answers:


Q. Can I create a VAT only invoice? A. Yes, see this article


Q. I have purchased the Pro version, can I upgrade to the ProPlus version? A. Yes, please contact us via email and we will send you an invoice for the difference between what you have already paid and the current price of the ProPlus version.


Q. Can I set my own Logo? A. Yes, please see this article


Q. I live in a country that is not specifically mentioned when first installing Onyx, can I still use it? A.  If you live in an English speaking country then there shouldn't be any reason why you can't.  You will have to change a few details in the Options screen to change such things as the name of the local equivalent of VAT (tax), and some other things such as the title of any MOT tests etc.


Q. How can I create a supplier credit? A. You can record the supplier credit directly by entering a negative amount when creating a Purchase Invoice.  When the invoice is saved it will be marked as a Purchase Credit.


Q. Do I have to use customer accounts? A. No (though it is recommended that you do), see this article for further information.


Q. Can I prevent certain employees from accessing my purchase invoices (for example)? A. Yes, if you enable user permissions then you can restrict many areas of Onyx, see this article for further information


Q. I need to record additional information in a vehicle record, the immobiliser code for example, can I do this in Onyx? A. Yes, see this article for further information.


Q. Onyx formats a surname incorrectly, how can I prevent this? A. Hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard as you leave the field and Onyx will not format it.


Q. How do I network Onyx? A, see this article for a quick overview.


Q. I keep seeing an error 'Cannot find server,' I'm not using Onyx in a network so what can I do? A. Security software on some PCs can occasionally interfere with the operation of the  database server, if you are not able to use Onyx in it's default single user mode then you will need to set your firewall (or similar) software to work with NexusDB.exe.


Q. I have a franchise and must use job cards as issued by the vehicle manufacturer, but I don't want to use them for other makes of vehicles, will Onyx allow me to select which job card to print? A. Yes, Onyx allows you to add any number of additional Job Card templates and will let you select from any of them. See this article for further details.


Q. I actually work on tractors (or some other type of machine/equipment) and many do not have a registration number so I would like to use the serial number but this is longer than 10 characters, is this possible? A. Yes, we have increased the number of characters the database can store for this field from 10 to 25. We have also added the ability to change the labels on the vehicle data screen, simply hold down the 'Shift' and 'Ctrl' keys and right click the label and you can enter your own text.


Q. If I manually search for vehicles that are due an MOT or Service I see more vehicles than if I use the 'Create MOT/Service Reminders' feature, why is this? A. When Onyx looks for vehicles that are due for either an MOT or Service, it first finds the vehicle records, it then looks for the last owner, it does this by looking at your invoices in reverse invoice number order.  When looking for the customer it will ignore any that are marked as 'Insurance' companies, it also ignores the cash sale account.  Once it's found the customer it will then check to see if the customer has been marked as archived or if 'Include Customer Contact' has been unselected (in the View Client Screen), if it finds this to be the case then those vehicles are excluded.  Onyx also removes any vehicles that have already been booked in for an MOT or Service in the Diary. You may also have vehicles that have never had an invoice, these are also excluded.