Integrated Report Designer

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Onyx’s print engine includes a designer environment which allows you to alter any printout.  Whilst it is advisable to allow support to modify / create reports/printouts, if you feel confident enough (or have an IT section) you may want to take a look yourself.


For example, we will alter the standard invoice template (if you are following along you may want to make a copy first):


Select the ‘Designer’




The integrated design environment (IDE) will be shown:



Report IDE


Here we have opened the Invoice template (c:\program files\onyx software\onyx garage invoice system\reports\invoice.fr3) and we can see the basic structure of the report.


If you do not want to show the ‘Thank you for your custom’ text at the bottom of the invoice do this:



Selecting the ‘Thank you for your custom’ text holder.


You can now right click it and select ‘Edit’ from the context menu that pops up where you will then see the ‘edit’ screen:



‘Edit’ Screen


Here you can enter some new text or even delete it all if you don’t want it to display at all.  Press the green ‘Tick’ and your changes will be reflected in the IDE.


Once you are happy with your changes, close the IDE and you will be prompted to save any changes you have made.


Note…  If you want further information on the use of the IDE please download the ‘Report Writer’s User Manual’ from Fast Report’s website.  The current link is  Copies of all reports are available from our website if you need.