Reporting Bugs (Please)

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Creating software can be a complex business, when adding a new feature (or even altering/fixing existing features) a seemingly simple change can cause all manner of repercussions.  Whilst we endeavour to ensure that our software is error free, we do not use it in the real world (well we do use the general invoice system version), also it may be that we do something in a particular way and never see an error that someone else does.  Therefore, it is very important to us that we receive bug reports so that we can fix and improve the system.  Therefore, please do not worry about sending reports, we like to receive them (well you know what we mean!).


Please send bug reports to stating what version of Onyx you are using, what version of Windows you’re using and the nature of the bug (and how to recreate it).

If you are unlucky enough to uncover a programming exception (a special kind of bug – Access Violation for example) then you should see a message box like shown below:




Most of the time you can just press ‘Continue Application’ but if you hit this error a few times and you are sure that it isn’t something that you are doing wrong (like entering an invalid date for example) then you can send us a detailed bug report by following the onscreen instructions after pressing ‘send bug report.’