Customising Templates

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As with all software that is used by multiple users (i.e. people from different companies) there are often compromises.  One such compromise is with the layout of paperwork.  Onyx tries to minimise this by providing a couple of different means of adjusting layouts.


The first and most powerful is with the inbuilt designer, however, this requires in-depth knowledge of the report designer and complicates updates as a change to Onyx may also require that we update all report templates.  Clearly this will overwrite any changes that you have made to the template.  That said, if you have specific needs that cannot be satisfied otherwise, then this is the option to use.


The alternative is with the ‘Template Layout Designer’ (available on the Options screen) which is a simple to use screen that allows you to change many aspects of the templates from one place.



Print Template Settings screen


The standard choice of templates is represented by the drop down boxes (Invoice Template etc) but you can also select your own by using the buttons on the far right.


Please note, not all settings apply to all templates, this is why there is a preview button so that you can see the impact of changing a setting to the selected invoice template.


This is a break down of the options:


Print Block Address – When checked will print your business address in the top right corner of printouts


Print Title Bar – When checked will print the title bar which in the case of the invoice is the Purple bar along the top with ‘Invoice’ printed in it.


Print Logo – If checked will print your business logo (if you have one selected).


Print Logo Border – If checked will print a frame and shadow around the logo.


Print Single Line Business Address – If checked will print your business address centred across the invoice with your telephone number in bold on the next line.  The height of the line is set using the ‘Single Line Address Top’ setting.


Add other details – If checked will add your business details (i.e. Mots, Servicing and Repairs) above your address line.  Only used if you are printing using the ‘single line address’ option.


Use Pre – Printed – Several reports within Onyx do not have the logo printed within them.  Hence if you turn off the Title Bar they look a little bland.  In these reports the title bar is still printed regardless of the ‘Print Title Bar’ setting.  However, if you are using pre-printed paper this would cause a problem, so in this case please ensure that you check this item.


Print Discount – If checked will print the discount column on invoices/refunds and estimates


Print Labour Part Number - If disabled Onyx will not print the 'part number' column when printing labour items


Print Labour Qty - If disabled Onyx will not print the Qty column when printing labour items


Print Owing - If disabled Onyx will not print the 'Owing' field at the bottom of most invoices


Print Unit Labour – If checked will print the unit cost column for labour items on invoices/refunds and estimates


Bottom Margin – Set to 0 to use the report’s default setting, otherwise sets the margin of the report to allow for pre-printed footers


Logo Top – Set to 0 to use the report’s default setting, otherwise sets the top of the Logo area (see note below)


Logo Width – Set to 0 to use the report’s default setting, otherwise adjusts the width of the logo area (see note below)


Logo Height – Set to 0 to use the report’s default setting, otherwise adjusts the height of the logo area (see note below)


Please note, the logo area will size your image to centre it whilst keeping the aspect ratio (i.e. not stretching it out of proportion).  Therefore, you may need to set relatively large width settings to centre a relatively small logo.  See the above images for an example.


If you only plan to use pre-printed stationary for Invoices and Estimates, please leave all setting as they are and instead select your modified invoice and estimate templates in the top text boxes.  We have provided a set that allow pre printed stationary where the header is 3cm and the footer is 18mm.  These settings can easily be adjusted using the page margin settings within the template designer.


Whilst we appreciate that not all possible combinations are covered, please keep in mind that it is probably impossible to accommodate every eventuality, that said, if you find that you need a further option, please request it via and if we can add it without adversely affecting the system, we will.


Printer Watermark – Onyx will use the default invoice/estimate image file as shown in the ‘Printer Watermark’ box.  You can replace this using the button at the far right of the box, or disable it by removing all text.


Print VAT Column – If you are VAT registered Onyx will print an additional column detailing what VAT percentage was charged against each line of the invoice.  This is to satisfy current VAT requirements.  If you want you can disable this feature by unticking this option.  Note, if you hold down the ‘SHIFT’ button on your keyboard whilst printing an invoice the column will be printed, this allows a convenient way of producing VAT compliant invoices when needed.