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Onyx Garage TimeManager API V1


TimeManager allow a third party application to update the current status of a staff member in Onyx.  The purpose of this is to allow a staff member to log in and out of work, and to sign on and off a job or other type of work.  The Onyx Time Manager app uses this API.

To use this service you must first create a new user in Onyx that has the 'WebSlots API' permission.


All calls to the TimeManager Api must have the following headers:

UserName URL Encoded username (set in Onyx Desktop)

Password URL Encoded password (set in Onyx Desktop)

Version The version of the API that you are using (currently 1)


The Rest service will be hosted on a webserver running on the master PC.  Therefore the URL is the WAN IP of that PC.  Port forwarding will be needed to make the service available to external applications.

The service uses a self signed SSL certificate.


A valid response is indicated by a http status of 200/201.  Errors will be returned as Application/Json as per the following example:

{"ErrorCode":404,"ErrMsg":"No such service, please check API documentation"}


Further info pending.