Diary Concepts

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The diary works by assigning jobs to resources.  Resources can be whatever you want, ramps, bays, staff, whatever you want.  Once entered into the system you can start booking work against them.  So for example a typical small garage might have two service ramps and perhaps an mot bay.  You could book all you MOTs in and have a visual representation on screen, the mechanic could use the workshop PC and update the progress of the MOT, if it fails he can enter a message and update the status, your office screen would be updated and you could ring the customer.  You can then move the job over to the service ramp where the mechanic could do the repairs (and read any special instructions you have added).  He can add parts as he uses them so parts don’t get forgotten, he can edit the estimated finish time, he can add messages.  It really opens up what you can do.  Once finished you simply click the ‘Create Invoice’ button and a new invoice is created and the job marked as complete.



The all diary screen.