Rapid Sale Invoice

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The Rapid Sale Invoice allows you to create invoices with a minimum of key presses, in fact, it's possible to create an invoice with no key presses.



The rapid sale invoice is not or everyone, it doesn't use customer accounts or the parts inventory, but it is very quick for new users and when you know you don't need to write to the customer later.


Vehicle Details: If there's a vehicle involved, simply enter the registration number and press enter, if Onyx recognises the vehicle it will return the remaining vehicle details.  You should select, as a minimum, Make, Model, Colour, and Fuel Type.  Leave blank if there's no vehicle involved.


Customer Details: Enter as much or as little info as you like, if left empty, the invoice will say 'Cash Sale'


Document Details: This shows the total for the invoice and allows you to set the invoice date and document number.


MOT: Select the appropriate MOT type, and tax type.  Tax Type should usually be 0%, but may be taxable if you use a third party to conduct the test, in such a case, if you charge more than you are charged, then you will likely need to pay tax on the difference, in this scenario, you would chose the tax type and then select margin so you only pay tax on the difference between cost and retail. The first time you use each MOT type, you will also need to enter the retail price, whatever you enter will be saved and used the next time you select this MOT type.  You can update the price by overwriting the figure.


Sundries: If you want to add a sundries item, tick the box and a sundries item will be added.  The price is initially set to £2 but will remember and use whatever the last entry was.


Parts/Labour: You can enter parts and labour directly into the grids (swap between parts and labour using the tabs).


The rapid invoice screen can only create invoices, it cannot edit an invoice.  Once saved, any future edits must be done in the standard invoice screens.