User Fields

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Within the customer, vehicle and supplier records Onyx has a feature that we call ‘User Fields’ which allow you to store additional information against these records in a structured way.  For example, you may want to record the vehicle’s immobiliser code (which isn’t one of the default fields that Onyx normally captures) so you would add it to the vehicle records by pressing the first button on the above the grid on the left hand side




A new screen will then pop up where we can select or add a User Field





You can edit the user fields in the grid and add or delete as you want.  Onyx supports several kinds of user fields, numbers, text, dates etc, simply select the one that best suits the type of data that you want to capture.  Once you're done, press 'Save' and your user fields will be saved.


Note, Vehicle user field can also be set to automatically be populated via the VRM system.  Simply enter a VRM field (for example DVLA_Code) as the name of the userfield and Onyx will automatically update the user field when obtaining details from the VRM system.