Getting Started

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Onyx Mobile is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store


Please Note, Onyx Mobile will only work if your Master PC is running, so if your PC is set to power off (or sleep) then Onyx Mobile will stop working.


By default, Onyx Mobile will only work if your phone is connected to the same network as the master PC (the one running Onyx), if you want to use Onyx Mobile over the mobile network or internet, then you will need to make some additional settings.


Before you can use Onyx Mobile you need to create a user login within Onyx, you do this via Maintenance -> More -> Users:




Create a new user by typing in the top field and then pressing 'Enter'.  This is what you will see if you add a used called 'Chris'




Once you've added 'Chris' you'll need to set his permissions (note, Onyx Mobile doesn't yet fully observe all user permissions so only allow trusted staff to use Onyx Mobile).  Press the highlighted button and you'll see:




Select the permissions that you want to grant to Chris (or press Select All), and then press 'Save' when you will be asked to create a password for Chris:




You've now created the login details.


When you start Onyx Mobile you will see the following screen




You can find the Server Address from within Onyx by going to Maintenance -> More -> View Slave Connection Details:




On this occasion the server address is (please note, unless you set a static IP from the master pc then this address will likely change with each reboot).


Enter the details into Onyx Mobile and then press login.


Note, using port 443 means that all data is encrypted, however, if you are using Onyx Mobile on your local wifi then you can use port 80 to avoid the additional overhead of encryption.


You are now setup to use Onyx Mobile on your local wifi network.  If you want to use Onyx Mobile while out on the road, you will need to make a few more changes.