Purchase Orders

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Built into Onyx is a powerful purchase order system that not only allows you to create and track purchase orders, but to convert them to advice note records and then to purchase invoices, or directly to purchase invoices.


Sharing much of the same ‘look and feel’ of the invoicing features, you simply select a supplier (or you can use free text if you prefer), select items from the inventory (or use free text if you prefer) and Onyx will add everything up and print a purchase order.  Onyx tracks all outstanding purchase orders so that you can see at a glance your current purchase order figures.  When your supplier delivers the parts (for example) that you have ordered, you can then convert the purchase order to an advice note record against the supplier and Onyx will even update your stock levels for you (you have full control over this process).




And here is the actual purchase order screen




As stated, you will notice how it looks very similar to the invoice screen.