SMS Manager

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Onyx also includes a facility to allow you to send SMS messages to your customers with such things as promotions and reminders.  When you add customers to Onyx you are able to add their mobile numbers and whether they accept advertisements, the SMS manager respects these settings (though you can override them if you need to) so you can be sure not to upset customers with unsolicited SMS messages.


You can access the SMS manager through the Customer Contact screen or from a Client Account by pressing the small button at the end of the mobile field.


This facility uses an online SMS bureau (, and is only available if you have an internet connection.  Onyx allows you to select any of the three SMS routing methods (economy, standard, and premium), please see their website for more details.


The SMS Manager screen




Using this screen you can select the customers that you wish to text, the tariff that you wish to use and also enter the message.  You can see how many credits you have and also see how many credits a message will cost (currently this is 1 credit for economy, 1.5 for standard and 1.7 for premium).  You can also use the links to view the website where you can register (free) at which time you will get 5 free credits to test the system.