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Onyx has a built in report generator and designer.  The generator is responsible for all printed output from Onyx and the designer allows you to modify existing print outs, or optionally even create your own.


As an aside, the designer chosen is from a company called Fast Reports Inc. ( and they have a very comprehensive user manual available for download.  This is probably not necessary unless you wish to heavily modify the provided reports.


Whilst many of the printouts are selected automatically (estimates, invoices etc), Onyx also allows you to select which reports to run.  For example, the ‘Collectable Income’ report provides a list of all collectable income whilst paying regard to the credit terms of each account.  In a similar way, the invoice ledger, accounts aged, account statement reports are all user selectable and you decide when to run them.


This ability to select and run reports when you want to means that you can expand the system to meet your future requirements.  If we do not supply the report that you need, please ask, for a small fee we will create any report that you want (as long as it is technically possible of course).  We will also continue to add reports to the website that you will be able to download and add into Onyx as you require (subject to developer workloads).