Upgrading from V3

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If you are a current V3 user then, in most cases, Onyx V4 can automatically import your V3 data (note, you can also import data manually as has been the case in previous updates)



For this to work you need to install Onyx V4 on the Client Master PC that has Onyx Installed.


When you first start Onyx V4, Onyx will check to see if you have a V3 database installed on the PC, if it finds a V3 database it will ask whether you want to copy the data into V4, if you answer 'Yes' then Onyx will attempt to create a database backup of the Version 3 data.


If Onyx V3 is running or if you are using the V3 database server then Onyx V4 won't be able to create the backup and will instead ask you whether you want to select an existing backup. Before answering 'Yes', please create a new backup from within V3 and save it to your desktop, you can then select this new backup.


Onyx V4 will then import the data.


It will then go on to ask you to create an online user account.  You must do this as all licences are allocated via your online account.  Once you have created the account, Onyx V4 will check to see if you have a valid V3 licence and support licence on your PC, if it finds one then it will convert this into a V4 licence and automatically install it.


You can then install Onyx V4 on any of your additional machines (for example if you run a copy on your home PC) then, instead of creating a new online licence, simply enter your details and press 'Login' and your licence will be automatically applied to the remaining PCs.  If the additional PC is a client slave, then there is no need to login to the account, when the slave PC connects to the data it will automatically receive the latest licence.


Please see Alter Licence for important information on changes to the V4 licence and how to add users etc.