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When you first purchase Onyx you receive 1 year of email support and software updates, you also receive 1 year of access to our address server (subject to fair use).  After this time you are encouraged to purchase an annual support licence.  If you don't want to purchase the support licence then you can continue to use Onyx, but you won't be able to install software updates, or receive email support without a £40 per hour cost, you also won't be able to use our address server.


Should we ever produce a major version update (i.e. going from Version 4 to Version 5) we will provide a free update to those customers who, at the time of release of the new major edition, have a valid support licence, for all other existing customers we will provide a discounted upgrade path.


We believe that this provides our customers with a high value licence and low total cost of ownership.


Our support is provided via email or the inbuilt message centre, we do not provide telephone support or assistance except in emergencies.


What is Support


Here at Onyx Software we want you to be able to get the most from our software, and we aim to assist you wherever possible, but we can't help with everything, for example, support doesn't cover training, it doesn't cover setting up your network or router, it doesn't cover setting up your computer, neither does it cover modifying printouts or printer problems.  Basically, we will take all reasonable steps to make our software work in accordance with this help document (to the limit where the problem is related to our software).


That said, if you have a problem beyond the scope of our support, whilst we can't promise to be able to fix the issue, we will aim to provide you with helpful information, and if we feel that we can help, then also remote assistance.