Onyx Software NexusDB Client Library

If you use Delphi and you want to access your NexusDB data from Android, iOS or OSX then Onyx Software NexusDB Client Library is for you. 
Onyx Software NexusDB Client Library (OSnCL) is a collection of components that makes accessing your NexusDB database a breeze and with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee what have you got to lose.  Not only do you get the library, but you also get 1 year of email support* and updates.
OSnCL Server Components

TOSnxServer (Windows Only): HTTP(s) Server component that links to a TnxServerEngine and provides the actual data to the client. This supports Indy and RTC (StreamSec2 is needed for ssl with RTC, not with Indy). It's possible to write additional wrappers to add support for other HTTP libraries.

Client Components (Windows, Android, iOS, OSX)

TOSDBConnection Handles the communication between the device and the windows server. Uses http on lan and HTTPS on wan, supports GZIP and Deflate.

Selects the alias and allows to set the NexusDB user

Provides access to the actual data via SQL. This is a TDataset descendant so provides many of the normal properties and methods. It is a disconnected model so it downloads the data to the device in a single trip. It supports paging (to limit the amount of data sent to the device). This is readonly with all updates done in SQL (if you're not used to using SQL for updating, it really is pretty easy so don't be put off). Transactions are supported and the component works in blocking mode or in thread mode using anonymous procedures.

TOSNXStoredProc Provides access to stored procedures on the server.

TOSServerTask if you can store the data in a TParam then you can use this component to communicate with the server.  Need to get an INI file or a PDF or check the server time, then this component is for you.

We don't provide a trial so this is 'buy it to try it' but we do give a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.  There's a sample Client Server application that demonstrates how to use the components and we'll add more samples over time.
How to purchase

A royalty free licence to use use the library costs £50 per developer per year.  If you don't renew then you can continue to use the library but you no longer get email support* of updates.  We process payments during office hours and will email you a link to the library.  We use PayPal to process your payment so your card details are not shared with us.
*Email support will be provided to assist with issues and bugs, this service is subject to fair use and please keep in mind that this is not a free consultation service (though we are happy to discuss paid consultation)