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Used by hundreds of garages, why not give Onyx Garage a try. You can install and use Onyx for 14 days without obligation and no sales people will contact you.
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MTD starts 1 April 2019 and we're ready.  Watch video.

Onyx Garage is designed and built for the motor industry, and is in daily use by hundreds of businesses, including mobile mechanics, independent workshops and franchised agents.

Onyx is a garage invoicing and customer accounts management system which helps you to manage your garage's day to day finances by letting you easily create sales and purchase invoices/credits, manage workflow, track customer accounts and contact your customers to remind them of upcoming MOTs or services, or even special offers.

Remember, when you purchase software for your business, you're not just investing money, you're also investing time.  You'll be entering customer details, vehicles, parts, creating invoices, the list goes on.  This means that you need to be sure you're buying the correct software, after all, it's not easy to walk away if you get it wrong. 

We know that our software needs to run all day, every day, and that down-time costs you time and creates additional hassle, we also know that you're not making money if you're not fixing cars, so we design our software to be robust, easy to use, and with lots of features to help automate some of the tasks that you don't have time to do, but that nevertheless need to be done. 

Unlike some vendors, we are constantly developing Onyx Garage, we're always looking for new ways to improve the software, so if you try Onyx but think it's missing something that you need, please contact us.

Onyx Garage is affordable (purchase with a one-off payment or by monthly payments), capable (we think we've covered most uses but we continue to develop the system based largely on customer feedback), easy to use, we could go on but perhaps you'll give us a go and see for yourself. We offer a free 14 day trial of the software and we can offer a 3 months extended trial if you want to keep testing that little bit longer.

We currently provide all purchasers with lifetime use of our software and subscription based email support and assistance and program updates. Although rarely needed, we will also call you and connect to your PC if you have a problem that cannot be resolved via email or the message centre within Onyx.

Our products are :

Onyx Pro (without Car Sales)
Onyx ProPlus (with Car Sales)
Additional User (web, mobile and Windows)
Lite (cut down edition that only creates sales invoices)
3 Month Extended Trial

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Onyx Web
image Onyx can be used via most popular browsers.  More info here.
Onyx Mobile
image Onyx can be accessed via an Android/iOS App.  More info here.